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Rupak George is the music producer behind psychedelic band “Mantravine and” a music educator for “Music Workshop Singapore.”

He has played and given music workshops at major music festivals in Thailand (Wonderfruit Festival), New Zealand (Luminate & Twisted Frequency), Sri Lanka (Atman), Hawaii (Phoenix), Germany (Gaggalacka), France (Nataraja), Japan (One Music Camp, World Beer Summit), Indonesia (Burning Island Festival), Malaysia (Asean Puppetry Exchange), Australia (Dragon Dreaming), Singapore (Neon Lights, Soulscape, Night Festival, Singapore Grand Prix F1), Serbia & Montenegro and many more.




Melle is honoured to be sharing her specially crafted chakra balancing yin yoga. With the guidance of affirmations and singing bowls to nourish your body and soul. This grounding practise is intended to clear, realign, and balance your energy channels. Bringing you back to yourself. Give your self the present of presence and surrender to the blissful practice of Yin.

Melle's yoga journey has evolved through her love for movement. Her passion began with performing arts and as a circus coach with Coffs Community Circus. This led Melle to pursue her passion for Yoga becoming a qualified Yin Yoga instructor and creator of little movements children's yoga.

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Awoken from an eternal slumber deep within the heart of Australia, Circada made the journey from the desert to the east-coast forest in order to complete the final stages of his evolution. It was there that he rested amongst the energies of the ancient Gondwana rainforests and began the process of assimilating the sacred knowledge held within. Finally, after many years of being held by the Great Divide, he began to stir from his resting place and, armed with newfound knowledge, medicine and intent he emerged into the world…

This is the story of the great awakening. An experience through the eyes of Circada. Powerful vibrations of intent to immerse and invoke. We are one.


Circadias project continues to evolve and more recently has dived into the art of creating ecstatic dance experiences in which he loves taking people on a deep journey of remembrance



Freea of The Bliss Temple is a medicine mumma igniting tribe on an awakening journey home to heart womb earth and holistic health. She offers Cacao, Breath of Bliss Breathwork, Women's Ecstatic Embodiment, Taoist temple arts, Sound Healing, Reiki and Energy Healing.


Freea is passionate about dedicating her life to creating heaven on earth through freedom, unity, expression and empowerment using the power of breath, movement, sound and connection to womb and nature. She lives in deep reverence to plants, mother earth, community and the spirit world. She interweaves her life teachings and lived experiences of deep transformation to create a sacred container for participants to release, rejoice, expand consciousness and transform their lives. She provides a space for tribe to connect to one another and themselves on a deeper level through inviting self love, authenticity and ecstatic embodiment.


Freea has over 10 years experience and has facilitated ceremonies at festivals and gatherings in Peru, Australia, Bali, USA and Hawaii including events such as Lost Paradise, Breath and Balance, Celebrate Life, Tropical Bloom, Cognitive Roots, Tree Psyde, Woke Yoga Festival, Shakti Sound, Coffs Wellness Expo, Nekawa Ecstatic Dance, Audio Alchemy Retreat and more.

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